>ANBAD = Santa: Betty Steeles

More Christmas joy of the traditional, tinkly sing-song type today, from London songstress Betty Steeles.

Naturally, that doesn’t mean that it’s some sort of Bing Crosby snooze-fest, but is in fact – whisper it – a lo-fi/lo-tech mash-up (indeed) of What A Wonderful World and a song of her own making. Don’t let the M-word put you off: it’s an undeniably curious treat.

Betty Steeles – What A Wonderful World

In it, she marvels at the wintry world and ponders whether brazenly pressing her face against an icy floor would be bad for her health or not. (Answer: yes)

Betty Steeles: troubling nature with her face. A bold endeavour.

>ANBAD = Santa: The Tumbledryer Babies

Another drop of Christmas cheer from ANBAD’s ongoing collaboration with Indie Santa: and today, we’re pushing a delightfully lo-fo contribution from old favourites The Tumbledryer Babies into your stocking.

The Tumbledryer Babies – Song For The Season

Yes, it’s a bit maudlin, and a bit defeatist and a bit gloomy, but not everyone wants to hear Wizzard and Slade every Christmas, you know.

As much as this song seems for the curmudgeons in society, there’s actually a rampant lusting for mince pies, sherry and turkey lurking beneath a slovenly exterior.

It’s a lo-fi Xmas treat!

Download in super-high-impress-your-friends quality here!

>A Christmas Gift Of Doom

Like a disorientated Great-Great-Aunt, ANBAD is giving away Christmas gifts early this year, in the form of lovely Yule-themed mp3s.

So here’s another Christmas gift, this time from London pair Panic Attract. They have made a song that, once again, has to find a way to compensate for a disappointing lack of sleigh bells, kid’s choirs and Cliff Richard.

This they did with a weirdly driven, pulsing song, featuring quasi-rapped lyrics and a shifty, swirling sound. It’s a bit of a Christmas Cracker. Sorry, that was awful.

Panic Attract – Hill Day

>King Kayak, Cliff Richard and Christmas Sneers

The Christmas Top 10, in the UK at least, used to be a fun cobbling-together of novelty seasonal songs, re-releases of novelty seasonal songs, and Cliff Richard records; the Christmas Number One slot was genuinely coveted, in a slightly camp way.

Now, since Simon Cowell became the pantomime mogul-dame of music-reality TV, his endless string of recent-wannabes have filled this spot each year with one drab song after another. But now the Internets are fighting back, with an organised campaign to get Rage Against The Machine‘s Killing In The Name Of to the top this year instead.

Wait – is this some sort of obscure joke? Is this Post-Post-Irony? Telling people to buy a song that has “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” as its most memorable line is the pop equivalent of a snake eating its own tail.

Just think of all the money that will be wasted on an internet meme that could be nudged towards new bands instead – bands like King Kayak, who would welcome the cash a lot more readily than Zack de la Rocha.

Thinking about it, King Kayak are well placed most to make a tilt for the Christmas #1 slot – they make breezy songs, benevolently spreading cheer and fun. If they added a few jingling bells and a children’s choir to John, maybe they could do it. It’s bright, carefree and has a pop hook that would mobilise the most reluctant of office party dancefloors.

King Kayak – John

Imagine if it happened. King Kayak, number one. A band succeeding from nowhere with a great song, an amazing story and bundles of talent. You could make a primetime reality TV show out of that.

Photo courtesy of Salford Advertiser

>ANBAD = Santa

Here in ANBAD Towers, we like to pretend that we’re hugely altruistic, adopting a generous approach to all and sundry. It’s all lies, of course, but the truth – that our wizened hearts are filled with hate and jealousy – is not so appealing to the wider public.

So in a fit of overzealous giving, here’s the first of many lovely musical gifts from US to YOU, which we’ll be scattering over you like a keen groom decorating a four-poster with clammy rose petals.

And what a treat we have today from mysterious anonymous collective Golau Glau, who have made a couple of delightful Christmas-scented songs.

Foolstide and A Tragic Error may not be your run-of-the-mill sleigh-bells-and-church-choir cash-in, but then Golau Glau aren’t that kind of band.

Golau Glau – A Tragic Error

If you want to hear more, both are available as high-quality downloads here.

Ho, ho, ho. Merry Beginning Of The Christmas Onslaught, kids.