>Today’s New Band – Sleep Party People PLUS! Manflu Disaster!


Gah! A New Band A Day is ill, in bed, feeling sorry for itself. The affliction? The dreaded MANFLU. The cure? Plenty of moron-lite daytime TV, Indeterminable amounts of honey and lemon drinks, handfuls of Aspirin, and, most importantly of all, new bands, taken three times a day.
The wonderful thing about Manflu is that complaining pathetically is an accepted symptom, and however much it bugs everyone around the poor victim, the only method of feeling better is to keep whining. Some fevers you have to sweat out. Manflu requires you to whinge until the sickness has abated.
Today’s New Band, Sleep Party People, are almost specifically designed for soothing poorly heads. They create softly ethereal music that recalls the most weirdly calming dreams you’ve ever had. 10 Feet Up seems to slink into your life, seduce you, and then slink out again, leaving you with only the memory of happy times. Our Falling Snow is as cold, gentle and fragile as the freshly drifting white stuff and I’m Not Human At All is just another indication that the pristine, gentle sounds might not be as charmingly naive as first seems.
There’s almost menace in the combining of extreme sweetness and warmth with the sparseness and stiletto-sharp precision in Sleep Party People‘s songs. They’re almost too cosy, too delightful and sweet to be true – some kind of unseen dread is lurking out of sight, out of earshot, but not out of mind. Perhaps it’s Manflu. It’s beautiful terror, whatever it may be. Listen here!

>Today’s New Band – Eyes and Teeth

>Oh, Satan. You and your infatuation with the world of music. Where would we be without you? Drowning in Cliff Richards and Country & Western Hell, that’s where. Except it wouldn’t be Hell, because there would be no Satan. Ah, the complexities of serious theological debate.

Speaking of which, Today’s New Band, Eyes and Teeth, has been engaging in a furious conversation with a devout Christian on his Myspace page. This appears to be partly fuelled by the apparently devilish nature of his music – have a listen here. Whether Eyes and Teeth actually buys wholeheartedly into Satanism, or that it’s just that he enjoys baiting religious-types, isn’t really the point – reading the concerned and righteous indignation of the Christians who post on his page whilst listening to the Satanic music is a enjoyably ironic experience.

Eyes and Teeth’s music is enjoyably dense, layered with sampled speech, manipulated swooping sound and, in the case of the song Seduction, interspersed with samples of the Rolling Stones, David “D-Bo” Bowie and NERD. Germany and Gun To Your Head allow you to have an echo-drenched electro devil-strut through songs Satan would play in his pimped out low-rider, assuming he has one (and let’s face it, he probably does).

The sounds are allowed to echo around in the hell-chambers and, out pops a ‘sonic sculpture’ as opposed to a song. Awkwardly snooty descriptions aside, listening to this song made me realise that in some respects, the songs are pitching in the same direction as Boards Of Canada on their brilliant Geogaddi album – slightly mesmeric, partly Satanic, partly subliminal message brain-confusers.

Fun, satisfying and a guaranteed* one-way ticket to Hell!

*the word ‘guarantee’ is not used here in its usual meaning.