RADIO SHOW // The Best Bands From September 2010

September was a hugely fertile month, sprouting great new band after great new band, and it was a tough job to whittle them down to four for this new podcast.

But if we’re anything here at ANBAD, we’re definitely troupers of the hardiest calibre, and so such complex comparisons were undertaken with GREAT SUCCESS.

Listen and feel your knees weaken with awe:

ANBAD Radio Show // September in Review

The bands:

Cloud Nothings // Tortoiseshell // Ducktails // Pope Joan

The In The City info + posts:

ITC Midweek Mixtapes One and Two

ANBAD Podcast – ITC Special


FYFI: ANBAD is on holiday for a week and a bit. That’s why the vaguely holiday-themed tag is dangling up there at the top of the page.

But because I a) am obsessive-compulsive; b) am outrageously kind and c) love the sound of my own idiot voice, here’s a special bonus ANBAD Radio Show, covering the ‘lost’ best-of shows from the months when I was moving flat and didn’t even have time to sob quietly in a corner, let alone record a radio show.

ANBAD Bonus Radio Show!

So clickaroo, listen, enjoy some of the (genuinely) greatest bands ever featured on ANBAD, and imagine me sipping cocktails on a Spanish beach – because imagining is exactly what I’ll be doing too, as I’m not actually going anywhere at all. Sigh.

Share and enjoy…

Featured artistes:

Young British Artists // Bermuda Bonnie // The Horn The Hunt // Takeda

Oh, and here’s the really rather good Kopparberg Spotify Playlist I helped compile:

Kopparberg Spotify Playlist

RADIO SHOW // Last Month In Review: July’s Top 5 New Bands

In July, when the World Cup finished, a huge, endless void opened up in your writer’s life; a void that could no longer be filled with hilarious slo-mo HD replays of England footballers shrugging their shoulders and visibly counting down the minutes until they could get back to crashing Bentleys full of strippers into lamposts.

Perturbed, that void was filled with tons of blisteringly good new bands. And, in celebration, here’s an all-new ANBAD radio show featuring the best five from July. GOAL!

ANBAD Radio Show // Last Month In Review: July’s Top 5 New Bands

Links to the full articles, info and songs: [all links open in a new tab]

Lenin Was A Zombie // Zebra And Snake // Post Post // Illness // Tristan Burfield

And here’s the interview with the brilliants, elusive and electrifying ISLET:

Islet: Out There Somewhere

RADIO SHOW // The Best New Bands From June

Wow, that was a two month gap wasn’t it? Stupid me. I can blame a few things for the absence of ANBAD vocal stylings, and indeed, if you listen to the show below, such excuses will be lamely put to you.

But despite such jabbering it’s very much worth a listen, because there are some brilliant bands from last month, plus HOT CHAT in between.

Like a great new band iPod, set to shuffle, with interfering chinwagging in-between. Good times. Get clicking!

ANBAD RADIO SHOW // The Best Bands From June 2010

Links mentioned in the show:


Wild Nothing // B-Lock And The Girl // Li Diaguo // Mariee Sioux // Prince Rama


Joe, Hagop, and 30 minutes of HOT BLOG CHAT

RADIO SHOW // The Best New Bands From March

Last month was awash, indeed, with excellent new bands, and what better way to celebrate the fact than with a brand spanking new ANBAD Radio Show?

Well, maybe there are actual better ways, such as ruminating on these matters on a Mediterranean beach whilst drinking cocktails served by supermodels, or even just buying their records, but this will just have to do.

Oh, go on, it’s only 15 minutes of your life:

The Radio Show:

ANBAD RADIO SHOW // March’s Best Five Bands

The Bands:

Evan Voytas // Fists // Trash Kit // Wu Lyf // The Bowery Riots

RADIO SHOW // February’s Top Five New Bands

February went fast didn’t it? It’s almost as if it was shorter than the other months or something.

Inevitably, the great new bands intruded our lives thick and fast, and here is a 15 minute radio-riffic celebration of February’s Five Best New Bands:

ANBAD RADIO SHOW // February’s Top Five New Bands

And here’s the links to the bands mentioned in the show:

Martial Arts // Something Beginning With L // Memo // Broken Deer // Scary Mansion

And then here’s the links to the interviews mentioned in the show:

Egyptian Hip Hop // Interview

Stained Glass Heroes // Interview

Ace Bushy Striptease // Interview

Phew. That’ll keep you busy. Some great bands coming up this week – keep ’em peeled…

Radio Show // January’s Top Five Bands!

Such was the hustle and bustle in ANBAD towers at the turn of the year – with the relaunch of the website causing both sleep and hair loss – that the fine array of ace new bands almost got forgotten. Well, almost – they nearly became overlooked but the day’s fiftieth cup of coffee brought them back into sharp, lovely focus.

So here’s January’s Top Five New Bands in handy radio-show format, complete with song clips and gushing praise in between. Revel in its wonky, shambling glory:

ANBAD RADIO SHOW // January’s Top Five New Bands

And, if that whetted your appetite, here’s more info on these award-winning bands:


Sissy and The Blisters

Hyacinth Girl

Organ Morgan

Joensuu 1685

Congratulations to them, one and all. More great bands, naturally, next month.

>TREMBLE IN FEAR! Brand New A.N.B.A.D. Radio Show!

>Wow! Just like Buses, you wait for one A New Band A Day Radio Show, and then none come along, and then you wait longer, and still one doesn’t come, and then it rains and you get grumpy, and then you think you see a bus, but it’s actually a lorry, and then finally, another one comes.

So here it is! Here’s what’s great about this new A New Band A Day Radio Show:

  1. Features great bands like lovely Pavement-y rockers Dinosaur Pile-Up, The most lo-fi band ever Heartbeeps and bangin’ choon-merchants Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.
  2. It’s exactly 3 minutes 16 seconds longer than the last one – that’s 3m16s of EXTRA superness!*

*Depending on your definition of the word ‘super’.

So LISTEN NOW! Click the ‘Play’ button below and treat yourself to a tour through a bunch of the greatest new bands! You’ve read about them, now listen to them!

More great new bands all week!

Love, Joe

(If you’re reading this in the A.N.B.A.D. email, you’ll need to visit the site to listen, but do it – it’s worth it, promise)

>HOLY CRAP! A New Radio show, at last!

>Finally, after a bewildering number of mishaps involving an irksome computer, days of apathy induced by the sunny weather, and 200,000 Glasgow Rangers fans, it’s finally here – the latest A New Band A Day Radio Show!

Ably assisted by my cohort Jamie, we ploughed through a whole load of the best bands that have been on A New Band A Day in the past week or so, including PixelH8, Genod Droog and loads more, with hilarious* results. It sounds a bit like it was recorded in an echo chamber, which is almost entirely true, but that’s just part of it’s intrinsic charm. Anyway, click on the doozy below and have a listen! It’s only ten minutes long, and you owe yourself a short break from whatever you’re doing.

Love ‘n’ shit,


*actual hilarity may vary wildly