>ANBAD Benevolent Overlord Internets Robot Strikes Again!

>So, as the eagle-eyed and owl-eared(?) of you will have noticed, there was no new band today! Sacre bleu!

The blame can be placed right by the door – assuming evil lairs hewn deep into the side of a terrifying volcano have doors – of the ANBAD Benevolent Overlord Internets Robot, for whom the bewilderingly complex ‘putting the words on the Internet’ task is designated.

As such, disaster struck today, and only this garbled message could be quickly whelped towards our delightful readers before the internet shunned us once more. A thousand apologies.

HUGE, EPOCH-DEFINING COMPENSATION AWAITS HERE, in the form of a website that will allow you to make any song of your choosing into a Donk remix. ANBAD recommends: Advanced Settings/Donk Type 5/Extreme chipmunk. It’s your duty to Put A Donk On It.

Normal service resumed next week. Honest – including the Best Bands of March Round-Up! Hooray!