>Another ANBAD E-Book! Duck and Cover!

>They said it couldn’t happen. Then they said it shouldn’t happen. Then they said that they’d let it happen if we please just left them alone and stopped making silent phone calls at 3 am. So here it is: the ALL-NEW* A New Band A Day e-Book 2!

If this was a website, we’d say it was 2.0, or 3.0, or whichever version of the internets we’re up to now, but it’s not, so it’s just Book Number Two. But this is how it’s better than the lovely ANBAD e-Book 1, which has now adopted ‘less loved elder sibling’ status:

  • Longer-lasting, bigger, firmer reviews!
  • Better bands than ever before!
  • Much less cobbled-together-at-last-minute feel!
  • Shorter!
  • Higher Appreciation-Of-Pun-Quota than ever before!

Anyway, you can download it here and judge for yourself. If you’re new to ANBAD, or have short-term memory problems due to all the gin, or want to read to the best reviews of the best bands without having to sift through the wheat and the chaff in the archive – this book is for you.

And it’s free! Like music off the internet! Except legal. And you can’t listen to it. Unless you click the links.

Please share and enjoy.

Joe Sparrow – March 2009

PS – If you’re the type of person who’d like to show some sort of compensatory gratitude (crazy, I know, but some people do) – just click on a c0uple of the super-unintrusive ads on the left. But remember, in the words of dreadful wedding invites, ‘your presence is worth more than your presents’. Although that’s not strictly true in fiscal terms.

* OK, two bands from the last book slipped in there by mistake. We’re not actual geniuses, you know.



So we made it this far. Writing about the titular New Band A Day was always going to be a gamble. The bit of us that still mourned the guiding hand of John Peel and the other bit that gets all twitchy when it hears Scouting For Girls on the radio again came together and rolled the dice, blindly, and frankly, hopefully.

The hope was that there were enough good new bands emerging at a fast enough rate to write about only the best ones; and moreover, the prospect that writing about these bands, every day, without fail, wouldn’t drive even a moderately sane person to drink, desperation, or at the very least, to suffer from some, like, really bad headaches, man.

And despite the wholehearted efforts of general personal idiocy, the best efforts of my hopeless ISP [name removed on lawyer’s advice] and that feeling of panic that sets in when searching for bands and only finding duff Kooks-a-likes, the concept of A New Band A Day worked. And now it’s six months(-ish) later. Yikes.

So as a big thank-you to all the lovely people who visit the site in their surprising droves each day, all our many subscribers who receive A New Band A Day by email, and especially to all those wonderful people who make my life that little bit easier by recommending great bands to us, this e-Book is a compilation of all the best bands and writing from A New Band A Day.

So what’s in the book? The bands are arranged under loose headings, most of which have come from their tags from the website and may not actually have much to do with them at all. So pick any section you like and go with it. It’ll kill a lunchtime, at least. Some of the bands contained within you’ll like, some you’ll hate, and some of them will make you do what the kids call a ‘WTF’, apparently. But rest assured – none of them are anything like Razorlight.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, feel free to email it to whoever you like! It’s free, like ‘free beer’.

Here’s the link again, in case you missed it: ANBAD – THE BOOK!

Joe Sparrow – ANBAD – November 2008

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