A New Band A Day 2008-2018

Welcome to ANBAD, which celebrated ten years online in April 2018, and is now “resting.” (I’m still jabbering on about music on my radio show and discussing new bands like, oh, I dunno, The Chats, on Twitter.)

However, ANBAD also has over 1200 posts featuring about 1500 artists. Most are buried deeeeep in the blog, rarely seen by human eyes. This seemed a bit unfair, so I randomised the posts and the ones you see below are yanked arbitrarily from the archive for you to explore.

As with anything this old on the internet, some music plugins, hyperlinks, images, formatting – and, frankly, the writing itself – is broken. But even I will begrudgingly admit that randomly looking at ten years of once-new bands is a fascinating glimpse into a very specific time capsule.

I’m as surprised as anyone that this ridiculous and utterly niche music blog has stumbled around online for a decade, surviving all of my attempts to break it, render it defunct, or let it wither on the vine.  So scroll down and read on – and maybe you’ll find some long-forgotten band from 2009 that you’ll love.


MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 14th November 2012

Is nothing beyond the business chameleon that is Alex James? Not only does His Cheesiness play for Blur, make cheese and take money of Rupert Murdoch, but he can solve parking issues of minor commuter-belt towns.

Blur bassist offers land to ease shortage of station parking at Kingham

Well, his “people” do, anyway.

So, while your heart melts under the goodwill offered by people that Alex James employs to fully monetise the acreage of his land, why not dip into one of the more eclectic Mixtapes ANBAD has offered for a while?

FIRST! The mysterious Avec Sans shove smart bloopy noises into a pop funnel and squeeze out songs that could cross over into any number of domains: pop, epic-pop, “EDM”, whatever. It’s fairly rare to hear such slick pop from the grassroots, and yet here it is, bold as brass.


SECOND! And as a counterpoint to that slickness, Pagiins are bold enough to stick a delightfully wonky guitar line front and centre on Self Sabateur. They also pop the bounciest bassline of the year into the mix, and a singalong chorus. These guys!


THIRD! Clandestines‘ single You’d Have Never Even Asked My Name As Long As You Got The Satisfaction You Need will take up pretty much the whole of the reviews the song gets, which is a shame because it sounds [review limit exceeded]


FINALLY! What, a new song from ANBAD’s favourite mid-to-south-Wales weird-poppers, Trwbador? Marvellous – and this song is their iciest, most creepy pop song yet. Hooray!

Parties In Belgrade, Steve Reid, and Joy

Steve Reid died last week.

He was a great drummer – efficient, creative, stylish – who drummed for James Brown, Martha and The Vandellas and Miles Davies. I saw him play when he collaborated with Keiren Hebden (AKA Four Tet) on their series of brilliant experimental albums a few years ago.

The idea watching of one man drumming along to another man fiddling with some knobs and buttons sounds awful, but, against these odds, it was a rare delight.

The music was unconstrained, exciting and half-unplanned, and the purest joy of all was the look of pure excitement on Steve Reid’s face as, sat opposite Keiren Hebden, they competed, egged each other on, and explored the music.

The joy to be found in music makes all the peripheral money/industry stuff seem trivial, and yet if you ever step away from the consumer-only end of things into the industry, it is all you hear people discuss.

Parties In Belgrade? Now that sounds like fun, not a money-making exercise.This feeling of pure enjoyment slops haphazardly all over their music like so much iridescent paint.

Parties In Belgrade // Statues

In Statues, we hear a band who have reconciled themselves with the oft-ignored fact that making music that is deliciously askew – as theirs is – rarely results in vast monetary gain.

What we hear is a group of people who have found what it is to make happiness, not money. As a result, the music is confident, uncompromising and enticing. Statues is a complicated pleasure, but all the best ones are.


Photography by flickr.com/photos/alanbee

MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 6th June 2012

Last week, whilst browsing ANBAD, I noticed something very disturbing.

No, it wasn’t the a message in bold caps reminding me that browsing through your own website is a whole new kind of stupifying narcissism, but an advert that appeared in that innocuous box on the right of the page.

It was advertising the coming together of two dubious minds: an expensive-food ‘n’ dull-bands conflation that could only be billed under one fear-inducing name: Jamie Oliver Presents the Big Feastival with Alex James.

Yes, “Feastival”. Shudder with fear, all ye who enter. Let’s hope Jamie gets his band Scarlet Division back together for one last hurrah, eh folks?


FIRST! Are you the Queen? Of course you’re not, as anyone who saw a television this weekend. Of course, Alabaster De Plume is the Queen. He’s the Queen. He’s the sodding Queen. Oh, just listen to the song: it may be lunacy, but no more crazy than having a non-elected head of state.


SECOND! Previous New Band Of The Day, Playhouse, have a predisposition for short, to-the-point pop songs. Conor, Oh Burst? is almost lost in a wall of stupendously pillow-soft white fuzz, but not quite. Playlounge know that if a chorus is a good one, it should be either used a) endlessly or b) only once – and they wisely opt for the latter.


THIRD! Joyland sound glum but happy. They also sound confused yet laser-guided. In today’s topsy-turvy world, that’s more than good enough.


FOURTH! The Traps might have made the most luxuriantly swoon-some song of this month, let alone just today. Your Headland is a sonic hand stroking the nape of your neck. Mmmmmm.

Straw Bear: Sublime-Step

ANBAD’s regular reader(s) will by now have recognised the Drastic Genre-Swinging Plan Of Action that has been put into action in recent weeks.

No, I don’t know why, either, but as long as Japanese Electro-Juke sits nicely alongside rousing booze-folk, I suppose it doesn’t make sense to change tack.

So will today’s band reach for the acoustic guitar and tweed trousers, or a clutch of randomly-generated spazmoid noises sequenced to sound like late-90s 2-Step?

Well, it’s the former, naturally – but dod you honestly expect a band called Straw Bear to be the latter?

And Straw Bear have, in Kitty, produced a song of – get this – actual sublimeness.


No, it’s not hyperbole – when did you last hear a a hook line as melodically perfect as that present in the chorus of Kitty? This is a song of near-perfect pace, delicious construction, delightful lyrics and sweet intent.

In a world where Mumford and Sons steamroller all before them with their one-trick faux-subtlety, Straw Bear deserve – and I use that word carefully – to be big. Surely the world is not such a cruel place to shower Mumford with cash and fame and ignore something as lovely as this? Excellent.

NB: bonus points for name-checking Kevin Shields in Kitty’s lyrics (Only one month left for that new MBV album to appear, Kev!)

MORE: www.strawbear.com

Hillary and the Democrats: Peeling Back The Years

Occasionally unforeseen events pricks your inflated sense of self-worth, and today’s covert prickle arrived in the form of John Peel’s LP archive being released onto an unsuspecting internet.

Anyone with even the vaguest interest in new music will get lost for hours in Peel’s virtual shelving units, and doing so serves as a reminder of the great man’s obsessive dedication to discovering, hoarding and sharing new music in a pre-music blog, pre-Pitchfork, pre-Hype Machine era.

For a long time, John Peel was new music discovery. Now we are all at it, with varying degrees of success – but he was the first, and almost inarguably the best, and an inspiration to anyone who loves music.

Even now, my brass-tacks question when choosing a band to put on ANBAD is “but would John Peel have played them?” Of course, I can only guess if he would’ve played Hillary and the Democrats‘ EP of songs about Sweden, but Let’s Play Kubb! is so outrageously pleasure-inducing, I can think of no reason to assume he wouldn’t.


Let’s leave the clichés about Liverpudlian bands being as equally choice purveyors of jangle-pop tunes as the Swedish to one side for the moment, and simply enjoy a band who are – and I mean this in the most wholly encouraging terms – a throwback.

Hillary and the Democrats aren’t a bunch of poseurs – they’re playing good music for the right reasons: to have fun, to share pleasure and with an ethic that prioritises making the best music possible. What more would anyone want? Excellent.

MORE: hillaryandthedemocrats.bandcamp.com

Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire; Exclamation Marks Optional

People will tell you that, when writing, never use an exclamation mark if you want humour to be taken seriously. People are stupid.

Because if one band ever cried out for an exclamation mark, it’s Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire. Perhaps agonising over the punctuation of a band’s name is endlessly petty, or, frankly, autistic – or both – but there, I’ve said it: Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire! is just better.

But then if you’re a band that writes songs as frolicking and carefree as Patience, punctuation becomes moot.

Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire // Patience

It’s a truly strange song. Articulate and tangible in its weirdness, Patience rigidly rambles, deviates and tramples over its own vapour streams. Songs that are fully disarming and genuinely affecting are rare; this one, then, is both precious and shiny.

As such, grab the chance to hear a song that seems less fragile and more curious with every listen, and wonder why – as it sounds so easy, so effortless – everyone else isn’t doing it too. Excellent, strange, true.


Iggy and Jerry: Outside The Lines, For Real

— Sponsored Article —

The last time I saw Iggy Pop live, he was performing with the reformed Stooges at Glastonbury festival. Halfway through the (great) set, he suddenly implored the crowd to invade the stage and jump up and down with him.

The crowd did exactly as he asked, and the gig continued whilst hundreds of people jumped up and down on stage with Iggy.

Then he asked them to leave the stage. They did not do exactly as he asked, and kept on jumping around.


In an era of faux-authenticity, watching Iggy’s genuine encouragement of rebellion was refreshing. I guess this is why Sailor Jerry has used Iggy and The Stooges’ classic “TV Eye” to soundtrack their new Outside The Lines film, which celebrates living a life less ordinary — the ethos of Sailor Jerry.

Tattooist Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins — the man the rum is named after — was also a rebellious, independent spirit, and the new Sailor Jerry video is appropriately stuffed with archive footage of like-minded outsiders. It’s a blur of saturated colours, spinning wheels and a reminder that life is worth living without regrets, all to the raucous noise of “TV Eye”.

Iggy’s also collaborated with Sailor Jerry to create an exclusive range of clothing-‘The Flash Collection’.The theme of The Flash Collection by Iggy Pop is probably best exemplified by its denim vest with the words “Death Shall Triumph” in three-inch high lettering emblazoned on the back: over-the-top and to hell with the consequences.

Visit the Sailor Jerry site to watch the Outside The Lines film, and an exclusive video with Iggy Pop himself — or check out their Facebook , Twitter and Instagram for more Iggy Pop/Sailor Jerry shenanigans.

Brandt Bauer Flick // Bestival 2011 Preview

ANBAD is having sleepless nights in anticipation of attending the UK’s most brilliantly realised festival, Bestival, in a week and a half -whence the ANBAD ‘posse’ will have yet more sleepless nights due to the amazing line-up and by camping next door to some drugged-up loons who won’t stop laughing at 5am

ANBAD is, of course, the UK’s primary 360-degree, full turn-key New Music Sourcing Solution, and over the next week, we’ll be showcasing a few of the new bands who’ll be there; followed by live-blogging whilst there and a full round-up of the best bands on our return.

The first band featured is the excitingly esoteric Brandt Bauer Flick, who are, as you’ll probably have gathered, an experimentally-minded German Classical-House project.

Take note: that’s Classical-House, not “classic house”. There are no squelchy 808s here.

Instead the three eponymous members take their abilities as classical music performers and apply the sounds with a build-and-release sensibility. I love it when bands do that.

The idea is one that has been attempted previously, though almost always without any success whatsoever. Brandt Bauer Flick’s efforts are, of course, different.

What makes songs like the above collaboration with Pinquins so agreeable is the fact that neither house music nor classical music is fighting for prominence. The two align perfectly, and instead we’re swept along by the mere excellence of the song. Fabulously metronomic.

MORE: brandtbrauerfrick.de

>ANBAD – On Holiday, Offers Crumbs

>Yesterday was the start of the Great A New Band A Day Band Stockpile Clearout – where the list of great bands that had backed up gets a good sluice out. If you missed it, check it RIGHT OUT below – there’s four great bands that’ll melt your mind, mop it up, wring it out into a glass, and drink it.

Time is needed for all those bands to be digested properly. So here’s something to read whilst you do it: The ANBAD eBook – 2! It’s chock-packed with the best writing, the best bands and the best* puns that could be crowbarred into music reviews.

Perfect for all occasions – but mainly for reading on the toilet. Hooray!

The Band Clearout continues tomorrow!

*worst, clearly

>Today’s New Band – DANANANANAYKROYD! A Glaswegian Triple Bill!

>Wowsers – today’s band has it all. That is, all that makes us excited and tingly here at A New Band A Day. Firstly, today’s band is the third in the Fabulous Glasgow Triple Bill, hot on the heels of the wonderful ERRORS and super Q Without U. And then, secondly, and almost more groin-pulsingly exciting, is the Super Fantastico Name that they have – pretty much a prerequisite for getting on ANBAD, such are our soaring levels of idiocy.

So then, here’s today’s New Band – DANANANANAYKROYD! Let their name roll over your tongue a few times, because it’s a whole truck-load of lot of fun to say it out loud. In many ways, it’s the perfect band name, appealing to those who like mildly novelty names (like us) and people who like dressing up as the Blues Brothers at any given fancy dress party. It may appeal to other people too, but we don’t have that wide a variety of friends, so we aren’t in a position to judge.

Anyway, DANANANANAYKROYD‘s music is great. Considering they’re from Glasgow, where, by the sound of it, crafting great pop songs is taught in Infant School, this is no great surprise. They yell, grind and crunch their way through a bunch of swift and sneaky songs – check out British Knights (MC Hammer’s trainer of choice, fact fans) for a burst of super, howl-at-Button-Moon rock. Cleaning Each Other follows a pleasingly similar path of yell-blast loud guitars-thrash drums, and yet keeps the all-important melody churning through it all.

Glasgow 3 Rest of World 0. Check out their Myspace page here!