(If you haven’t noticed, ANBAD is no longer updated – so sending emails is an exercise in futility, albeit one that lots of people seem to still enjoy doing for some reason)

Know a great new band that we should feature on ANBAD?

Then get in touch via email/the contact form (below) – please include:

  • a Soundcloud/Bandcamp/mp3 link;
  • a suggestion of which songs you think are best;
  • a brief description of the band and a photo;
  • if you are a new band emailing directly, please put “From the band” in the subject line – [PRs, abuse this at your peril :) ]

I’m also fairly specific about what I cover. So here’s a few guidelines to help you decide whether ANBAD Is Right For Your Music Blog Promo Needs™:

  1. The clue as to the theme behind this blog is in the title. Bands on their fourth album rarely never get featured.
  2. I’m most likely to listen if an email is nice, personalised and if, most importantly, you’re a new band/new band’s friend/proud parent pretending to be a friend/etc.
  3. Read ANBAD a bit first (it won’t hurt, much). Check that your music is in the same vein or, just as importantly, the same ethos to the music featured. If not, submitting it to me is wasting both our time, to put it a bit bluntly.
  4. If you sound very similar to the current buzz-bands, you’re probably wasting your time, too.
  5. I have email filters set so that any email containing the words ‘post-Dubstep’ are automatically, and correctly, labelled as spam.
  6. Don’t be put off if ANBAD isn’t for you. There are hundreds of blogs out there  – you’ll find a ton that are just perfect.

If you want any more advice, Dave at the excellent Rawkblog nailed it in one, breezy post (that is now only available in a remote cranny of the internet).

Get in touch! – joe[at]

PS: Want to Advertise On ANBAD?

Email me, and we can ‘talk turkey’, or whatever it is that you do when discussing rates.