RADIO SHOW // February’s Top Five New Bands

February went fast didn’t it? It’s almost as if it was shorter than the other months or something.

Inevitably, the great new bands intruded our lives thick and fast, and here is a 15 minute radio-riffic celebration of February’s Five Best New Bands:

ANBAD RADIO SHOW // February’s Top Five New Bands

And here’s the links to the bands mentioned in the show:

Martial Arts // Something Beginning With L // Memo // Broken Deer // Scary Mansion

And then here’s the links to the interviews mentioned in the show:

Egyptian Hip Hop // Interview

Stained Glass Heroes // Interview

Ace Bushy Striptease // Interview

Phew. That’ll keep you busy. Some great bands coming up this week – keep ’em peeled…

Radio Show // January’s Top Five Bands!

Such was the hustle and bustle in ANBAD towers at the turn of the year – with the relaunch of the website causing both sleep and hair loss – that the fine array of ace new bands almost got forgotten. Well, almost – they nearly became overlooked but the day’s fiftieth cup of coffee brought them back into sharp, lovely focus.

So here’s January’s Top Five New Bands in handy radio-show format, complete with song clips and gushing praise in between. Revel in its wonky, shambling glory:

ANBAD RADIO SHOW // January’s Top Five New Bands

And, if that whetted your appetite, here’s more info on these award-winning bands:


Sissy and The Blisters

Hyacinth Girl

Organ Morgan

Joensuu 1685

Congratulations to them, one and all. More great bands, naturally, next month.

Radio Show – December’s Top New Bands

December: a great month for bands, a poor month for music blogging, overwhelmed as the internet is with tedious End Of Year lists. So this round-up of the best bands from last month only features three bands instead of the usual five – but Hey! – they’re a cluster of sweet, heartfelt and frankly mental bands.

Listen to this ANBAD radio show to hear who the best three bands were, and then click the links below to learn more about each of them…

December’s Top New Bands From ANBAD!

The bands:

  1. Ep Island! (all songs available free here)
  2. Lissie!
  3. Mike “Yes Yes” Ersing!