Melt Mountain – Journey to the Pleasure Centre

meltmountainMelt Mountain posted this nugget of info recently: “autumn / romance / creation / anxiety / music / reading / headache / fun / guilt / pride / chaos / progress / love / impatience”

This is as good an introduction to the band as any.

Something about Melt Mountain makes me happy. I’m not entirely sure what, and maybe that’s a good thing.


If I was pushed, the source of the glee-tingle is probably found somewhere between: the rough-n-ready recording, the Gorky’s Zygotic Munki-esque vocals, the naif-insistance of the guitar, and the comfortably dumb guitar solo that unfolds itself into feedback.

There’s a Venn diagram to be drawn before I fully locate the pleasure centre, so while I’m fiddling with my compass, you could do much worse than spinning this song a few times.



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