TRIOLIAN: Sneakin’ Out The Inbox

triolianSeeing as all I write about at the moment is how I don’t have time to write, I may as well bore you thoroughly and fill you in on how I’m dealing with the problem outlined previously.

It’s a mother-of-invention-type solution, in so much that I now just blog about the first decent band I find in my inbox (when I have time to go through my emails).

Actually, it took me longer to delete the hundreds of emails that needed culling to reach the actual new bands than it did to go through a few bands and strike lucky on a decent one.

Yo, Triolian: Napoleon said that the primary quality he looked for in his generals was ‘luck’. Maybe it was just your day.


Truth be told, I rarely latch onto the hi-hats-‘n’-disco-drums-‘n’-choppy-guitars thing any more; I now not only feel like I’ve heard it before, but have began to wonder if there is some devious VST-plugin that simply arranges and writes these songs at the push of a button.

However, Triolian’s In My Head is so darn catchy, with a chorus that’s as brash and as dumb as a roomful of Flavor Of Love contestants, that… well, I dunno. It snagged my weary attention. At the moment, that’s the best possible manner of identification.


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