Sean O’Neill – Trumpet Voluntary

seanoneillThere have been few – very few – solo singer-songwriters on ANBAD over the last 5 or so years.

It’s nothing personal, moody guys and gals with acoustic guitars. It just turned out that way.

So it’s hats off to Sean O’Neill for bucking that trend, with a song so muted, ambient and gentle that it took a gently-tooted trumpet to shake me from the hypnotic state into which I’d been lulled.

A Good Dream is a song so aptly titled that my eyebrow lazily rose in appreciation.


So delicate, understated and careful is the construction of this song that the songs finale – consisting of what sounds like octuple-tracked vocals – provide a feeling more rousing and uplifting than a clumsy Dubstep drop ever could.

Though, frankly, I’d be interested in hearing that particular mix of A Good Dream – for science, of course.


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