Satanicpornocultshop: Yes, Satanicpornocultshop.

satanicpornocultshopI’m considering changing the name of the blog to “A New Curiously-Named Band A Day(ish)”, simply because it would be a lot more truthful than the current moniker.

That said, truth has played very little part in ANBAD’s journey so far, and so the dreadful deception will probably continue, although this is mainly because I don’t have time to design a new logo.

I mean, but of course  Satanicpornocultshop were next on my list the moment I saw their name. And truly, who can say it wasn’t time for some more Japanese Juke House? I don’t think I’ve indulged this maddening obsession for, ooh, at least a couple of months.

Actually, ‘maddening’ is the operative word here.

Say? Say? Say? is the most flat-out, totally-wardrobe, lunacy-fuelled song I’ve ever featured on ANBAD: a wholly absurd, manic, explosion of odd pop-culture samples, 808 noises and furious drum-snaps, seemingly arranged entirely at random.

That said, if you look past the sheer bananas-nature of the song, there’s plenty to admire: odd humour, the entire absence of commercialism, a certain stylishness in the lack of concern about the reception to such mad music.

That’s my excuse, anyway.


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