WALK: It’s A Schtick-Up

ANBAD has a real soft spot for any bands that utilise the sampler in any shape or form, simply because I find the same allure in all those flashing, numbered buttons that grubby drunks do in the fruit machines that wink at them in the Dog and Duck at 11pm.

It’s probably worth expanding on that a little bit: I really enjoy listening to music made by someone who takes an object as ostensibly simple and constricting as a sampler, and then makes music seemingly beyond or outside of its design.

Hence my excitement over WALK, a Sequencer Blues Duo, indeed, who couple down-and-grimy guitar blues with some chopped ‘n’ scuzzy sampler-driven rhythms; and yes, yes, on the surface, this sounds awful.

Actually, WALK’s music is anything but.


Of course, the blues is constrained by its limitations too, which is perhaps why This City works so well.

A smattering of compressed drum snaps and some minimally ground-out guitar chunks are sweetened and primped with some tiny snippets of lo-fi electronic noodling.

It’s affecting in the way the blues almost never is any more: it feels now, yet old all at once. This is the sort of thing I wish many of today retromaniacal artists – the ones that recycle the past yet ignore the fact that the world has moved on – would do more often.

WALK‘s schtick is not complicated, or revolutionary: but it is honest about its position in time, embracing nowness and the love of a genre all at once.

Their music is addictive, tactile and tasty. Beat that, 2013-The-Year-Guitar-Music-Came-Back. A great and unusual signing for Debt Records.

MORE: walkmusic.tk

3 thoughts on “WALK: It’s A Schtick-Up

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  2. Interesting the way you described this as feeling “now” as well as “old”. I agree. I definitely get the blues vibe you describe, but I also can’t help catching a groove straight out of indie rock somewhere behind it. I do like it though. Chill, and the 3:00 flys by.

    – Will

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