True Gents – Pastoralised

ANBAD provides a patchy service at the best of times, and yet often when the going gets tough (or at least, less regular than the “A Day” part of the blog’s title indicates), I find that I end up picking the most obtuse music of all.

(That said, that method worked wonders in January, resulting in perhaps the best month of music on ANBAD ever)

So, in the interest of balance, stillness and zen, maybe it’s time to reset the Oddball-Music-Meter back to zero and clear out the Ludicrous Japanese Juke House Sluices.

And how better than some pastoral Scottish folk music? True Gents craft – yes, craft – glorious, coiling and blossoming songs that positively scream of sunshine and warmth, which is something to cling to on cold days like these.


Honeycomb Heart is a nice bit of imagery in itself, and the song is beautifully succinct in its intent: happy, loving and friendly. There are no washes of vintage synths, nothing is drenched in reverb and at absolutely no point during the song do you get the feeling that the bassist is thinking if his haircut looks just so.

If nothing else, these are reasons enough to love Honeycomb Heart, but really, you’ll not need reasons: the song is a joy to behold.


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