The Endless Ecstasy/Agony Of LP Storage

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In an age when vinyl and CDs are not only defunct, but actively being cannibalised, re-shaped and re-used as fruit bowls, beer mats or as sparkly things to scare off birds in the garden, it’s not only charming to see people hoarding and treasuring LPs, but downright life-affirming.

However, this retromaniacal devotion to old technology has physical problems, especially if your collection really runs away with you.

People like musician and vinyl junkie Harry Love own more LPs than he’s had hot dinners, and so to stop them filling every available crevice in his home, IKEA offered to rearrange his record collection.

They then make a video of it, so that his family can use it as blackmail next time he starts squeezing vinyl under the staircase again…