Redfoot – Keeping It In Reserve

ANBAD is clearly connecting with its inner zen this week, as the music has been resolutely un-spazmodic, non-chaotic and un-complicated.

I can assure you, this was not my intention.

And yet, as my search for divisive, abrasive and difficult music continues, I keep turning up more and more delightfully straightforward and traditional bands making simple, marvellous music.

Again, as regular readers will know, this is rarely my intention.

Redfoot keep it simple, and by doing so, reveal the soft, convoluted underbelly of normality. This is a scarce talent.


Make It Quick, unfashionable and serious, is wonderful for the same reasons. Claiming that a song ‘soars’ is Music Blog Cliche #2 (‘drenched in reverb’ is #1), but hell, Make It Quick does just that, soaring from the murk and gloom into the silverly realm of the dreamer, the tall-tale-teller, and the Jackanory.

This is a band who justify their existence purely on the strength of this song’s gorgeous chorus, which by reckoning only really blossoms once during Make It Quick. And yet, it’s enough. Brilliant – ones to keep an eye on.


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