J4KL-1: Proto-Post-Pre-Meta

ANBAD continues to be borderline obsessed with music that defines itself in pre- or post- genre terminology.

And why not? Pre-Dubstep is as meaningless as post-Dubstep, and yet throws up a whole raft of different approaches to music in the minds of both maker and listener.

Funny how a lexicographic angle can justify, help craft and bloom new music.

I’ve decided to brand J4KL-1‘s music proto-post-Garage-Step. No biggie. Just remember to thank me when all the kids are talking about it.


R4indrops shares many genealogical similarities with its peers: skitering beats, weirded-out vox, the swooshiest of swooshy noises slopping over the whole thing.

Patience, of course, is a virtue, and here’s a song which rewards precisely that: the listener earns more from the song with each listen, as more aural layers are peeled back.

We have entered an age of electronic music that embraces restraint and gentleness, care and delicacy, over blunderbuss-directness. J4KL-1 is learning from the music around him, and looking to the future.

MORE: soundcloud.com/j4kl-1

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