Spectral Park – An Endless Void

We’re entering a time where technology and understanding have allowed music to coil itself up into ever-increasing folds of complexity in a way that would have made the 60’s and 70’s most excessive proprietors of psychedelia green (or purple, or orange) with envy.

Even the simplest bedroom-recorded song is stuffed with layer upon layer of sounds filling every nook and cranny. Listening to a new band today is like staring into an endless void of Mantlebrot sets, and it can be exhausting – or at least psychologically demanding.

Spectral Park have embraced the options that technology has brought, but where others have got lost in the layers, they have successfully created songs that swirl and loop with the colour and motion of a kite in a tornado.

L’appel du Vide means “call of the void” – of course – and this neatly sums up not only this song’s appeal, but all of pop music: the endless disposability and the desire to keep on jumping into more blind alleyways in search of another dose.

The Beatles, by the way, recorded Revolver on a four-track tape recorder. It’s always worth remembering that. It’s also worth remembering that there are a thousand ways to skin the pop-song cat – and Spectral Park have their way sussed.

Multi-coloured, multi-faceted songs from the Multiverse. Great.

MORE: spectralpark.bandcamp.com

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