DJ ASL – Take A Seat Over There

At ANBAD, there are two childishly primary obsessions that drive interest towards new artists: amusing band names and ludicrously obscure genres.

Hey, if you don’t like it, here’s a list of ten good blogs you can stroke your chin over.

Anyway: DJ ASL sorta-kinda fulfils all of my dubious criteria. How? Well, “ASL” is the kind of request (Age/Sex/Location?) that lonely perverts use to initiate conversations on inappropriate online chatrooms – conversations that usually end up with awkward real-life conversations with Chris Hansen.

And the genre? Cheekily, If I Could Do Anything, I Could Do Anything is labelled as ‘Post-Dubstep’. I like the cojones on this guy.

In seriousness, I think the label is – whilst a minor issue – unhelpful, as the track is a scantily-arranged scattering of simple soundlets, and as far removed from the mindless WUBWUBWUB of Dubstep as you could hope for.

Genres aside, the song dallies with both paranoia and inner calm; funnelled through the narrowest range of samples possible. It’s an exercise in simplicity.

There’s one other way to look at it: DJ ASL has indeed made a (great) post-Dubstep song – but in six months, everything will be post-Dubstep. Feels good, right?


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