Starlight Girls: Modern/Un-Modern

Of all the multifarious pleasures found within modern music, surely the greatest is the vivid sound of a hundred past styles of pop sloshing around within songs: folding, mutating and sparkling.

You can thank, as always, the internet, introducing each and every band to several lifetimes of music in a relentless of barrage of OMG THAT’S AWESOME.

The bands are then shaped accordingly. Thus, Starlight Girls’ songs sound like classic pop in some respects, and a smart, modern outfit in others.

Today, 60’s girl-group pop, crunchy garage guitars, weirdo psych-pop and 50’s be-bop can all settle down comfortably within one song; and that song is The Hunch.

Who knows what their Hunch is, but it sure sounds like something both spooky and fun is going on – maybe this is the Scooby Doo of pop songs: all mystery and adventure and visceral thrills.

Whatever it is, it is most definitely a sharp and cunning amalgam of what has gone before; the most modern/un-modern of pop songs. Great.


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