Little Racer: Nudging Gently

How hard can it be to write a song that is just a nudge away from pastiche, and yet still retains all the qualities of an enjoyable pop song?

I mean, pastiche isn’t necessarily a guaranteed indicator of a total clunker – it’s just that it usually is. So any band that manages to tippy-toe that 2H-pencil-thin line between pastiche and plain old enjoyability is clearly doing something right.

Little Racer, I presume your ears are burning, for it is you that I am referring to. Split For The Coast is a début single with all the ingredients that might result in Generic 2011 Song #573. And yet – it’s a winner.

Dave from LA’s uncommonly excellent Rawkblog mentioned on Twitter this week that a mixtape of the year’s hot bands would be one long, agonising shimmer of reverb.

Reverb has indeed been the single most overused effect on music this year. But be careful not lump Split For The Coast in with the masses.


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