Girl Muscle. Fnarr.

There’s something specifically obscene-sounding about the name of today’s band. According to The ANBAD Comprehensive Laws Of Band-Naming, this is a good thing.

I mean, it’s innocuous on just about every level, except when the words “Girl Muscle” reach whatever part of the brain processes normal words into snigger-someness. (If any scientists can help, this info may assist: it’s also the same part of the brain that enjoys Viz magazine).

Let’s move on. Girl Muscle is a long-secluded, now finally-unveiled musical project of a man called Dave, who used to record as Lt. Meat, and now runs Steak Records.

I mean, come on. This man is obsessed with flesh.


Your Boyfriend is 100% 60’s girl-group pop, 100% 80’s jangle-indie and 100% 90’s lo-fi: which makes it 300% great, I suppose. I was convinced it is a cover of an older song – and it may yet turn out to be just that, such is my ignorance.

But assuming that it isn’t a cover of an old Shirelles’ B-side, we can praise the song for providing a truly swoon-some, croon-some pop experience. Sweet.


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