Ash Darko – Concessions, In Kind

Seeing as music is apparently going to be pretty much gratis forever now, perhaps we’re just going to have to start making concessions.

Chiefly, perhaps the artists are going to stop being pleased just to have us hear their work, and are going to decide they have, you know, other things to do.

So envision a time when musicians respond to our royalty-free patronage with songs that are chaotic, angry, bewildered and – most importantly – short. Actually, don’t bother envisioning it – here’s Ash Darko to comprehensively demonstrate it for you.


Even An De Seh’s  beginnings are a gag, starting with the kind of generic dubstep build-up noises that usually precedes a wall of WUBWUBWUB noise, but then the song takes its own bizarro route through the following 53 seconds of clatter, yelping and samples from Japanese gameshows.

Suitably, this post is similarly short and scatter-gun. If Ash Darko’s songs are what the future sounds like, I can live with it, for now.


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