Yoofs: Slated

Ah, the hilarity to be found buried deep within the minutiae of legal disputes.

Yoofs should have been on ANBAD a week ago, but they promptly vanished from the internet on the day I was to write about them, and I was left hanging like a damp dishcloth over the cold tap of pop.

The reason behind their sudden departure from the internet? They had to change their name because someone else was already using it.

And what was that band-name causing such all-round grumpiness? AC Slater.

Yes, AC Slater, the character from heinous, preachy 90’s kids’ TV show Saved By The Bell. If I was the DJ causing this dispute, I might begin wondering when NBC’s lawyers come a-knocking.

Thus: Yoofs it is. It’s a better name, to be honest, so all’s well that ends well, right?

Oh, the music? It’s just what you’d expect from a band originally named after a generic ‘jock’ TV character: lo-fi, jangly, grunt-pop.


Drenched in splashy treble, pinging around in its own echodrome, Sidewalk is as bright-n-breezy a pop song as you’ll hear (this week, at least).

Shooting for the stars is hard when you’re trying to make it seem like you’re scratching around in the dust – but this is what Yoofs are doing, and it’s working well so far.

MORE: soundcloud.com/yoofs

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