The View From… A Small Town

Alex Webster is nowt but a youngster: one who’s just finished his exams and is probably spending the summer mugging grannies to get money for Miaow Miaow or whatever it is that kids in small towns do for fun these days. 

Anyway, before he went about his crime spree, he was kind enough to jot some words to shine some light on the inner workings of a small-town music scene – namely Dorking in Surrey, UK…

Dorking is a sleepy town nestled in the heart of South-East England and, while placed in the centre of sleepy country living, its proximity to London and Brighton provides the potential and setting for a surprisingly vibrant music scene.

Many familiar faces are seen nursing a pint around the pubs at each (and often every) open mic providing a supportive atmosphere for those testing the water before taking to plunge in the nearby capital.

Several young talents have emerged from them, most notably Kate Ross, a regular at The Star open mic, she produces melancholic and moving acoustic music with a sly wit.

The Lincoln Arms has one of the longest standing Dorking music nights, now becoming well established as a venue, once open to 16 plus (a blessing in a dull town on a Friday night) but now unfortunately 18 plus.

The Lincoln is organised by many people in and around Dorking but two stand out bands/artists are: Springtime Radio, who provides a exciting and emotional pop-punk/folk crossover, and straight up punk band with a historic twist – Wegrowbeards.

Another Band heard in and around Dorking is Finest Minds (previously mentioned on ANBAD) who combine a plethora of styles in their genre spanning You Are Here EP.

The proximity of Dorking to London also creates a fair selection of electronic artists considering the size and nature of the town.

Dubstep producer Brett Heaslewood a.k.a Hiloxam a young producer with the talent to ride the dubstep wave right to the top. Dark//Tides is a young producer showing great potential in his bedroom productions.

Another electronic musician found in Dorking is the DJ-turned producer Finlay Reid with only a few productions under his belt yet each is as awesome and playable as the last listen to Mellow Memories.

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