Reid – Milking The Sweet Spot

A new week begin, but old puzzles remain. Just what do you call your one-man house music project?

Of course, no-one wants to use their full name – that’s all a bit too Sven Väth – but then why disassociate yourself fully from the final product?

Such conundrums faced Eoghan Reid, who took inspiration from compatriots Bono, Dana and (The) Edge and decided that actually, one name was more than enough.

So ‘Reid’ it was, and Reid it is, producing silky-smooth, thunderously soft house music. House music is at its most devastatingly effective when kept almost absurdly simple, and, in his echo-drenched thumper Forrest, Reid has discovered this secret sweet spot.

And after discovering the secret, Reid has milked it appropriately, working every delay-and-drop angle possible. This of course, is the second secret of house music – rinse and repeat.

Forrest rolls and rumbles, exactly as it ought to, and its listeners will feel the urge to raise their hands towards imaginary lasers pinging off imaginary mirrorballs, just as they ought to. The cycle is complete. Great stuff.


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