MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 13th July 2011

 Lt. Drebin needs distracting this week, as his exterior revenue stream – wads of non-sequential banknotes stuffed into brown envelopes in return for some piffling celeb’s private information – has dried up in the wake of some minor newspaper kerfuffle.

Fortunately, he can put those niggling thoughts of his impending arrest by his colleagues whilst he listens to this excellent Midweek Mixtape:

FIRST! Blood Sport surely take their moniker from the excellent/nonsense Jean-Claude Van Damme movie of the same name. It’s fitting in many senses: not that their music is ludicrously violent, but that their noisy songs like HSFM are a whirlwind of visceral, guiltily enjoyable action. Great.

SECOND! I get the feeling that Be Not Idle In Preparation Of Thy Doom aren’t so concerned with punchy brevity. I’m not sure exactly what gave me that feeling first: the hour-long static buzz of Die Elektrischen Vorspiele or the… wait, it was just that. Like Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music played at half-speed: excellent.


THIRD! Timothy Monger‘s The New Britton Sound is almost too pleasant after Be Not Idle…’s electric excess, but, Timothy’s soaring songs are tempered from hitting the heights/lows of MOR via some tasty trumpeteering and delightful harmonies, as in The Lark. Nice, in every way.


FOURTH! The Dirty Nil sound like the kind of band who’d write a song called Fuckin’ Up Young, don’t they? And so it goes: it’s a crashingly grubby conflation of ragged vocal chords, spazzed-out guitars and clumpy drums. But you probably guessed that. Nice.

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