Kindest Lines: Feelings, Shapes, Colours

You don’t need to be a synesthete to freely associate sounds with feelings, shapes and colours – I imagine it helps, that’s all.

But those feelings sprout and take hold, creating links between times, places and sounds that you’ll never shake. I, for instance, find it hard to watch the sun set without slipping the Flaming Lips’ Do You Realise? onto my mental jukebox.

I’m not sure when or how those two, seemingly unrelated, events got superglued together. In honesty, I’m actually quite pleased – nay, smug – with how it turned out, and thus am not questioning it too much.

Kindest Lines, however, seem to be making music created purposely to soundtrack hot, sticky days where the sun bakes through smog and cold showers only have a momentarily relieving effect.

Kindest Lines // Baltimore by TheArtOf…

**EDIT: Apparently Hazy Haze wasn’t supposed to be heard by you. Apologies – have Baltimore instead.**

That said, maybe by nicking the same Be My Baby drumbeat that served as the rhythm template for the entirety of Jesus and Mary Chain‘s career, and coupling it with the dense, suffocating fuzz of My Bloody Valentine, Kindest Lines have pulled off the neatest trick of all.

Because while the aptly-named Hazy Haze takes all of its influences from music past, the resultant sound doesn’t even start to sound contrived.

In any case, fleeting concerns to that effect are flooded by the smotheringly sublime, candyfloss-sweet, candyfloss-sticky, candyfloss-thick – hell, candyfloss-everything – melody.

Hazy Haze is dense, pulsing and achingly warm. My mind zipped me off to clammy, gritty beaches, criminally busy cities, and thunderously noisy underpasses. Sounds stupid, but songs like these will do that to you.


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