David Rybka & The Victorian Dad Band. ALSO: Phlegm

You know that Spring is on it’s way when you get struck down by the same phlegmy cold as ever other poor so-and-so staggering around with a sheen of sweat and a wan complexion.

The imposing bulk of ANBAD Towers, it turns out, is no defence against the humble cold, and so your brave correspondent sits here, pallid and weak, hammering keys in a quasi-delirious state. At least today I have an excuse if the words that follow are faintly ludicrous.

Succumbing to illness is the perfect instance for a great band to leap out and poke one in the (bleary) eye, momentarily lifting any feelings of flaccidity – and guess what? That’s exactly what happened.

David Rybka‘s group, The Victorian Dad Band, might either be named to poke wry fun at their own uptight male behaviour, or are simply nicking a moniker from an old Viz character who forces his children to attend church for “three hours of hypocrisy in sub zero temperatures” on Christmas day.

Maybe the band share something of his gritty contrariness. Indeed, songs like the lilting, gorgeous Push and Pull wax and wane with determined shoves against the norm.

That Guy Garvey, a man with a generously silken voice of his own, was won over by David Rybka‘s warm, wrought, winsome vocals, is no surprise. Guy apparently offered him a record deal almost immediately. This too is hardly surprising.

He signed to another label instead. Contrary, see? No surprise either. Delightful.

MORE: myspace.com/victoriandaad

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