An American Chinese – A Tale Of Two Split EPs

I’m not sure I know anyone who’s in a band.

Let me quantify that a bit: I know plenty of people who are musicians, and in bands – but none that are loyal to merely one.

Every musician I meet has at least one side project to their main band. Some of them consider them as equals, happy to co-exist in two bands at once. It’s almost as if they’re afraid of admitting that they only drum for one band and being seen as part-timers.

It’s probably more to do with technology, and the fact that ideas can be zapped down to permanence much more easily, allowing ideas that might previously have been ignored to come sluicing out.

Rebecca Huston is in Bermuda Bonnie, who produced one of the most cutely endearing songs of 2010. She’s also in An American Chinese. I wonder what happens when the two bands tour together?

Still, Rebecca is lucky – or smart – in that both of her bands make spikily winsome songs. No No Like That is a chirpy blast, self-propelled by its own happy-go-lucky charm.

Imagine the possibilities. If Bermuda Bonnie and An American Chinese collaborate, she’ll get two royalty cheques, which, in turn will make her the rich one – the Noel Gallagher, if you will – of the group, leading to fractious meetings, factions, splits, and heartache.

Or maybe she’ll happy contribute to both bands, continuing to produce these simple, sprightly and loveable songs for two equally cheerful audiences. Ah, the modern world.


2 thoughts on “An American Chinese – A Tale Of Two Split EPs

  1. Rebecca Huston contributed NOTHING/ZERO in the creation of An American Chinese’s music. Fact.

  2. Well, that told me. FACT.

    Funny though, a quick check in my email archives (from late 2010, whoah) reveals her alleged involvement. The mystery continues…


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