Man Flu, Haggis and Pornography

It’s debatable whether an extended Christmas break like the one ANBAD has just taken in the Scottish wilderness is of actual benefit or not.

Excessive consumption of haggis, red wine and day-time TV might feel good at the time, but now, having plonked myself back at a computer keyboard for the first time in two weeks, the subsequent loss of the ability to type is problematic to say the least.

Man Flu appear to know a thing or two about excessive consumption, although they appear to be revelling in the side-effects. There’s something particularly satisfying about a female-fronted band calling themselves Man Flu – a single wryly-lofted eyebrow pricking the bubble of mild pomposity and misogyny surrounding a tiresome made-up disease.

Man Flu // Sasha Grey

A strident fierceness pervades all of Man Flu’s eccentric, cavernous, angular songs, though this is most vociferously pronounced in Sasha Grey – a paean of sorts to the cult porn-crossover star.

Hollow, clattering and persuasively de-tuned, Sasha Grey doesn’t appear to embrace the mainstream in the way its anti-hero has, but all a pop song needs to do is retain the repeated attention of its listener to be a success – which is exactly what this song manages.

A quick, gooey, Google search reveals that Sasha Grey’s attitude is an exact fit with Man Flu‘s – aggressive, confident and marked by a determination to push boundaries. Whether the various members of Man Flu have appeared in movies similar to Anal Cavity Search 6 or not is probably a moot point.

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