TV-Ad Competition Update! Plus! Bonus Best-Of-2010 Band!

Judging for the Crown Paint/ANBAD TV-ad competition has taken place. Momentous news indeed.

I nuzzled up against the creative people behind the advert and, accompanied by legendary band-troubler James Endeacott – who signed The Libertines and oversaw The Strokes’ UK career, we settled down with tea, biscuits and moderate harmony to go through the shortlisted bands.

In the end, the decision was a complicated one due to the high quality of the bands that submitted tracks. Still, after much heated discussion we came up with a favourite. The winner, tantalisingly, will be announced in the new year.

In the mean time, here’s a sneak preview of some of the tracks that were entered. See if you can guess who won. Correct guesses left in the comment section below will win a special ANBAD prize!*

Listen to the Crown competition Longlist here!

Also: In the countdown of the Top Bands Of 2010, I postulated that I had more than likely missed a number of brilliant bands when compiling my Best-Of list, and Lo! As soon as I’d announced the #1 band, I suddenly remembered one of the missing few.

Lissie Dancefloor Disaster were the best Scandinavian band of the year by a weird, confusing mile. I urge you to listen to their brilliantly skewed pop with the utmost urgency.

Listen to a surprisingly sane interview with LDD here! // Genuinely hilarious video of LDD filmed at In The City here // LDD’s Myspace

*This may well be a bundle of promo CDs. In fact, it will be a bundle of promo CDs.

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