Lord Huron: The Lucky Lord In Perfect Phase

I initially postulated that today’s new band may have helped me solve a decades-old mystery. A grand statement, yes, but then James Blunt claimed that he single-handedly prevented World War Three yesterday, so I guess bold claims are in vogue.

My theory then, is that Lord Huron is none other than long-vanished Lord Lucan. See? A preposterous claim. I have no proof. But Lord Huron makes music of such identity-morphing shiftiness, who’s to say he isn’t just another iteration of the lucky Lord?

Lord Huron: Into The Sun (7″ Edit)

Into The Sun is the sort of song that utilises deception to crowbar its way into your mind. The song exists on several levels simultaneously.  Imagine two records, started independently, phasing perfectly and serendipitously forming a new, strangely alluring song.

It’s a neat conjuring trick – in that it works perfectly, and the resulting song is so beautifully soporific that we’d not notice the slight of hand anyway.

I get the slightly creepy feeling that every person who listens to Into The Sun hears something entirely different to what I do, and yet we’d all rave about it in the same vaguely descriptive terms. We’d all agree on this though: it’s gentle, clever and touching.


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