Lonely Galaxy – Helplessness Buried In Cacophony

I had tickets to go and see Atari Teenage Riot last night. I didn’t go in the end. Sunday night is just not the right time to go berserk pogoing to German drum-n-bass chaos-rock. Instead, I spent the evening relaxing and eating apple crumble.

It just goes to show that there really is a time and place for everything, even Atari Teenage Riot, and lazy Sunday evenings are not compatible with their aim to Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture. But look at the good news: if they discount all the Sundays, ATR now only need to destroy 1714 years of culture. That’s not working harder, that’s working smarter.

Lonely Galaxy – Bible Truth Depot

Lonely Galaxy, on the other hand, would have been the perfect prescription. Their songs sooth, glisten and ponder. Bible Truth Depot feasts and swells on a glut of conflicting emotions.

It’s almost too simple, too exposed and too blithely honest to bear. Organs blow wearily, and the plaintive vocals become just another strand of helplessness buried in the cacophony.

The song soars, or plummets, depending on your point of view, revealing its inherent strength and also its weakness. Having recorded a song as boldly aching and as rawly emotional as Bible Truth Depot, the band must be wondering where to go next. But while they decide, luxuriate in the staggering density of such a lovely, lonely song.


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