Mammox – Rising Higher

Whilst reading the brilliant (if these days less-frequently updated, sadly) NME and Melody Maker online repository Archived Music Press, I came across a release-week review of De La Soul’s now classic 3 Feet High And Rising.

The reviewer correctly recognised that De La Soul had created an entirely unique patchwork of pastel-coloured hip hop that was a welcome break from the aggressive norm. As the years have passed and hip-hop has run aground on a mountain of empty Cristal bottles and handguns, we can view 3 Feet High and Rising with even more fondness than ever – a one-off spike of colour and dazzling invention.

Mammox // Sneeze Tease

Mammox imagines what would have happened if hip-hop had branched off along that road, instead of ploughing on into the guns ‘n’ gangs furrow. The likes of Sneeze Tease are no mere De La-copies – they take the idea and explore, bright, expressive and dazzling.

Their new album (streamed here) provides a bundle of short songs forming a kaleidoscope of skittering beats, warped noises and candy-coloured fun, swirling, competing and jousting for prominence.

Mammox has deviated, and is moving away from the norm. It’s a bold move, and one that pays off musically, but also may not necessarily garner the plaudits he would deserve. Such is life. Hopefully reviews of his songs will be similarly prescient as the one in the Melody Maker.


2 thoughts on “Mammox – Rising Higher

  1. Hello. Yes sorry about the lapsed blog – glad you like what’s up there. It’s not dead it’s just that I don’t know when I’m going to start again but winter’s always a better time for staying indoors.

  2. Hey Charles! Great to hear that AMP is making a phoenix-like renaissance! Looking forward to it – and just in case: I have vague recollections of a mid-90’s Ill Communication era Beastie Boys interview in Melody Maker that would be great to read if you have it…


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