The Suzukis – Straight Outta Wigan

Last weekend, reader-turned-writer Mike clenched his fists and boldly dragged us on a quick tour of Wigan’s music scene. His assessment, like most of The View From… articles, is a dual-edged one of cautious optimism and scathing criticism. Though how a man living in the City That Donk Built can complain is beyond me, frankly.

The Suzukis are a product of Wigan too, and possibly began as a deliberate counterpoint to Donk’s strangely lovable bouncy ridiculousness.

By name alone, The Suzukis sound like they ought to be a zippy, throwaway power-pop punk band – one who might have a novelty hit in Japan, or be big in Austria, or have surreptitiously written the theme song for a kids’ TV show.

The Suzukis // Reasons For Leaving

Defying the odds, they are actually nothing of the sort – and manage to touch surprising heights with their massive, punchy, skyscraping songs. Reasons For Leaving soars, heavy and impressive, growling and feral – as far as an introduction to a band goes, it’s as wholly impressive as it is brutal.

Drawing a comparison with The Blackout Crew is almost the dictionary definition of futility, but where Donk is dumb ‘n’ direct, The Suzukis have trodden the opposite path, shooting complicatedly into the night sky, dark, angry and ambitious. Put a donk on that.

4 thoughts on “The Suzukis – Straight Outta Wigan

  1. In my defence, I’m still not 100% convinced that The Blackout Crew aren’t some sort of art-house practical joke. If they are, then it makes me proud to be a pie eater. Actually it doesn’t, we fell for it.

    I like this though. Sounds like Caleb Followill has joined Audioslave.

  2. Wow I’m getting kind of addicted to your blog Joe!

    The Suzukis have a very powerful sound, just melted my ears of I think.

    When it started I thought we were in for some kind f Peal Jam stuff but then boooom….


  3. Mike: I don’t believe that a band who could write such brilliant lines as “My song selection may cause an erection” could be a prank.

    Oh yes, indeed

    Airhammer: Flattery will get you everywhere. Thanks for your support and thoughts!

  4. One to remember: The Suzukis « After the deadline

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