The Shondes and The Descent Into Middle Age

I can’t even remember how I discovered today’s new band. I will tentatively claim that I received an email from a rapt fan about them, but frankly it could have been from anyone via any medium. It could have been a psychic visitation for all I know.

I’m going to blame old age for forgetting. The truth – that I’m too disorganised to really remember – is the greater of the two evils.

This forgetfulness may well signal of the Beginning Of The End, the descent into premature Middle Age that I’ve always feared. Hey ho. When I start pootling in a potting shed, then I’ll know the transformation is complete.

Fortunately, The Shondes – the band that has unwittingly initiated all these fears – also manage to assuage much of the damage with songs that are morose and elating in equal measure.

The Shondes // Make It Beautiful

Make It Beautiful, jumping between stylistic flavours as if on a musical trampoline, is a skewed and folksy ode to pleasure and – yes – beauty. At times it threatens to shuffle down blind alleys – an almost breakbeat drum roll appearing here, a guitar crunch slipping in there – and it’s all part of the song’s charm.

This genre-forgetfulness is the song’s strength, lifting it to exciting and charming heights. And whilst I consider that commendable in many artistic ways, it’s mainly just pleasing to find out that such memory loss might actually turn out to be useful. Phew.

3 thoughts on “The Shondes and The Descent Into Middle Age

  1. This is the second ANBAD I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live, and both at the same show! My band was fortunate enough to play with both The Shondes and Post Post, here in Philadelphia. The Shondes live performance is absolutely retina-detaching-ly amazing, and we left the venue completely in love with them. Who doesn’t love some rock violin?

  2. Elise: I kepep hearing these great things about The Shondes live. Malheureusement, I’m on a different continent, so I’ll have to scour youtube for proof. And rock violin is just one lovable step away from rock flute. Good stuff.

    Air hammer – you’re a gent. Thanks kindly. Share and enjoy!

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