MIDWEEK MIXTAPE // 27th July 2010

This week’s news has been fluffed and plumped into a tasty political paella thanks to Wikileak’s genuinely brave and diligent exposure of what has really been happening in Afghanistan.

We asked the boffins at Wikileaks to run their beady eyes over the ANBAD Donkey, the stubbornly airborne totem that has always aroused suspicions here at ANBAD towers.

Some devilishly complicated compu-prying behind the scenes found this shocking evidence [left]. Dubya was behind him all along. Truly astonishing developments.


FIRST! Bravestation are easily confusable, at first glance, with UK soft-core sleaze TV channel Babestation. For clarification, there are a  lot fewer tits in Bravestation, but just as much of an illicit thrill.

Their music is angular and smooth all at once. Apparently people really like glib parallels drawn between one band and another so: Bravestation are like Arcade Fire getting frisky with Vampire Weekend. Perhaps they are a bit like Babestation after all.

SECOND! Death In Plains are easily confusable, at first glance, with UK genre-hoppers Death In Vegas. For clarification, Death In Plains  make music that would be perfect for car adverts. I won’t deny that that sounds like the least appealing recommendation of all time. But think about it: selling cars is all about highlighting dynamism, thrust, sleek lines and grace – all of which is there in DIP’s music.

THIRD! Squarefeet I’ve featured bands from the outlandishly named Espoo, Uusimaa in Finland before. I’m never going to tire of spelling out just how great Finnish music is, or actually spelling out that location on my keyboard. Squarefeet is a band that are far more electronic than most I feature from that part of the world, but still present is the archetypal Finnish grasp of a brilliant tune. Yum.

FINALLY! Blood Feathers must have the same kind of fun that any band that cranks out this kind of staccato and upbeat rock has. The beauty of this kind of music is that its simplicity allows for Good Old Fashioned Fun, but also allows for bad Old Fashioned Clunky Rawk. Fortunately, Blood Feathers produce the former in spades.

DONE! We’re off to waterboard the ANBAD Donkey.

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