The Birdman Rallies – Breathless Enthusiasm and Golden Retrievers

Nothing replaces the thrill of discovering a new band all by yourself and then scampering off, dander up, to breathlessly tell your friends how just unbelievably amazing they are.

I received the email equivalent of this friendly nagging, from a reader called Alex. Alex’s email was a tumble-jumble of superlatives, all of which were rooted in sheer enthusiasm for a new band discovered in a bar.

And that excites me too, in an empathic reflex action. The cynic in me was quelled, and I felt the same thrilling surge, excited to hear The Birdman Rallies for myself. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The Birdman Rallies // Colour In A Corner Of The Night

There’s something very loveable about The Birdman Rallies, in the way a very clean, glossy-haired Golden Retriever is when it jumps up and places paws on your hips; happy to see you, ready to play.

Hearty and heartfelt, warm and loving, shimmering and bright – this is a band who, as Alex found, beg superlatives. It’s the song’s inherent warmth that is the most enjoyable, hitting like waves with every chorus.

For someone who is supposed to be recommending bands through the medium of the written word, I’m struggling to stretch beyond, ‘they’re just delightful.’

Loved ones will be hugged, the world will take on a rosy hue, and everything will be just OK. Like Alex, I’m a convert, and this is my testimony.

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