Madeline; Angry Mobs, Tabloid Gold and Superlatives

I’m not going to lie. I can’t. When someone – an unknown, unnamed reader – mailed me a message saying simply ‘Madeline’ and a link to a video, I thought I’d struck TABLOID NEWSPAPER PAYDIRT.

I pictured the fame, the fortune and David Beckham finally putting his campaign T-shirt away.

Then I realised that the likelihood of someone sending a wholly irrelevant music blog the key to a three year old missing child enquiry was more slender than the chances of finding any kind of irreverently amusing mileage in the kidnapping of a young girl, and was overcome with guilt.

Fortunately Madeline (the artist, subject of the email in question) is so ludicrously delightful that hopefully any angry mobs coming to half-brick my windows will soothed into equanimous pacifism.

In a thrilling ANBAD first, the video in question is below:

Because of the abrupt nature of the email, I know little information about Madeline, and by being so free from PR spin, excess superlatives are allowed to form in their own time.

So: When her voice zithers up to the high notes, all suddenly become one – a momentary flash of glassy, harmonious brilliance. Glorious, aching songs that will fill your heart with happiness, tears or, most likely, both.

Madeline might not be paedo-baiting tabloid manna-from-heaven, but we can all be thankful for that. She is, however, a sumptuously-voiced talent – aural paintings drawn with liquid gold. Mmmm, overblown.

NB: because of that Madeline, it’s a bit of a nightmare to find this one online. Allow me:


One thought on “Madeline; Angry Mobs, Tabloid Gold and Superlatives

  1. This is gold. After a few days of some very interesting bands with potential, this young lady has talent.

    Thanks for the find.

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