Tantrums; Laser-Focussed, Hell-Bent

Just what is it that makes today’s young bands so different, so appealing?

Of all the new bands I’ve heard in the last 12 months, it’s Tantrums who are most laser-focussed and hell-bent on success . This destiny may or may not be of their own making.

Just listen to Mek Ya Feel Hype, and feel begin to feel old in two distinct ways. First is the woozy sensation of senility, as you wonder whether or not you haven’t already heard this song squeaking tinnily from a teen’s mobile phone as you sat at a bus-stop.

Tantrums // Mek Ya Feel Hype

And then secondly, brace yourself for the reality: the other thing you’re feeling is just pure, dumb age. This band are so firmly entrenched in the thrilling naivety of youth that they probably jerk out a song like this in an afternoon.

More than anything, this song is a product of the youthful now. Look beyond the blitz of youthful energy, and there’s High School Musical choruses coursing through the song.

And to be even more in keeping with today’s so-how-are-we-going-to-pay-the-rent? music biz ethos, this song is available FREE! here.

Go crazy. They just did.


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