Nice Nice: Nice

Sometimes reviews of new bands write themselves: this is an occasion where the band have written it for you and then made it into their name as well.

So, Nice Nice. What more is there to add? A little more detail is probably required. Try this then: if Nice Nice are an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle, then I’m A Human Person is a solid silver sledgehammer wrapped around the back of your head.

Nice Nice // I’m A Human Person

There is also what you might euphemistically call a ‘companion piece’, You’re A Human Person, each of which successfully mirrors the other without sounding anything like it.

The effect is slightly mesmerising, like when you see someone in the street who looks just like you, and you only realise that you’ve stopped dead in your tracks when people start muttering obscenities.

Nice Nice are, indeed enigmatic: their sound varies so haphazardly you’d be forgiven for thinking several bands had released songs under one name as some sort of Situationist prank.

One quality remains throughout: the organic, burbling noise of origami-delicacy. Songs unfurl like plant shoots, and while some grow into raging carnivorous beasts, others are light-as-air and fine as silk. Nice Nice: Nice.

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