Matt Raudsepp; Unconvention, and Har Mar Superstar’s Gooey Faceful

Last Saturday I watched Har Mar Superstar rub Vaseline into his face before having a large quantity of white goo applied to his features. I even took a photo and tweeted it.

Of course, such titillation can only result in disappointment – and in terms of half-hearted sexual connotations, you’d be right – but all these things did indeed take place at the wonderful Unconvention Factory, in Macclesfield.

As with all clever concepts, its brilliance is matched by its simplicity. Take a bundle of new music’s movers, shakers and hangers-on, put them in an old factory and make them talk.

The music world is so enclosed, it hurts. Bands are scared they’ll get ripped off, photographers are tired of having pictures half-inched, and writers *cough* are bored of spending hours typing without reward. As a consequence, out of dumb, plain fear, we stupidly keep our traps clamped shut – you know, just in case.

This is nonsense, and Unconvention proves that sharing is, indeed, caring. I learnt more in ten hours than in a month of reading forums or wading through message board abuse. If you can attend one near you, I suggest fighting to get in.

And speaking of sharing, back to the new bands. Here’s Matt Raudsepp, Montealean, songsmith and maker of gently persuasive songs about Rolling Pins:

Matt Raudsepp // Rolling Pins

If Matt Raudsepp could share anything with us, what would it be? There’s something about Rolling Pins that prickles feelings of weariness, aches and pains, and euphoria – all at once. Lush with0ut bloat, simple but not crude and wise without preaching, the song caresses, soothes and calms.

Here’s a man with songs to brighten the cloudiest of hearts. That’s a good thing to share.

3 thoughts on “Matt Raudsepp; Unconvention, and Har Mar Superstar’s Gooey Faceful

  1. Sir Yes Sir; Palaeontological-Rock, Absence of Excitement | A New Band A Day!

  2. I’ll second and third that, Joe and Sir Yes Sir. An interesting selection of pop people and some very enthusiatic, positive talk. It was also good to see some people making a sartorial effort, especially in the northwest where trainers and anorak are formal dress. Actually, that’s pretty unfair on the northwest, of course, it’s now a global problem…

    Back to Unconvention – the next one’s in Columbia, where payola has a slightly different meaning…

  3. I would happily accept an invitation to Unconvention Columbia. Just in case anyone in a position of authority to make that happen is reading this. Worth a shot.

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