1908 – Crazier Than Liam Gallagher. 1908 Will *Eat Your House*

Good old Liam Gallagher. He never lets us down. It was always pretty obvious that behind the mad-fer-it hoolie swagger there was a fruitcake mind. One who will still be prancing around on stage when he’s 70. One who is capable of reforming Oasis as Beady Eye.

1908, though, knocks Liam’s barminess into a cocked hat. 1908 is beyond nuts, beyond any definition of ‘normal’.

Take Music For Harold To Eat Houses By. No, please. It’s frantically, skin-crawlingly, eye-scratchingly INSANE. If you plugged a 3.5 mm jack into Jeffrey Dahmer’s head, and recorded the results – well, just doing those two things would only be one percent as disturbing as Music For Harold To Eat Houses By.

1908 // Music For Harold To Eat Houses By.

I hesitated for a long time before featuring 1908 on ANBAD. I’m fairly sure that a man who is capable of composing a song that describes – in excruciating detail, mind – the methods he will use to eat your house would also find crawling out from under my bed and murdering me in my sleep a fairly simple task.

However, it’s bands like 1908, – the ones that veer suicidally from eye-narrowing intrigue to too-stupid-to-be-reasonable within a heartbeat – that make music interesting. The ones that remind us that there’s something out there other than another Kings of Leon album. The ones that push the boundaries, get forgotten, and don’t reap a handful the rewards that others grab later on, when the world has caught up.

1908 is also a reminder of why I run ANBAD. You may not like it – hell, I don’t know if I do either – but the creative outskirts are truly the most fascinating, the most bold, the most alive. And it’s a reminder of how far Liam really has to go.


5 thoughts on “1908 – Crazier Than Liam Gallagher. 1908 Will *Eat Your House*

  1. Sounds like Liam’s version of The Beatles No.9 with an Alice Cooper twist. I actually enjoyed it.

  2. Are you sane, Sparrow? One of the few things more disturbing than Music For Harold To Eat Houses By is the fact that you would compare it to Liam Gallagher -in any way! Even using Liam’s supposed craziness only as a contrast to the sheer insanity promulgated by 1908, is an affront to music. Everywhere.

  3. sorry man i read review wrong – was under impression that this was liams work- a lot of this music is all new to me – whatever the case i still stand on what it sounds like to me – and i like it

  4. T41: an easy mistake to make – feel no shame!

    Frag meant: I’m going to claim that it was actually a crazy act in itself, and so my Gallagher-comparison was some sort of post-modern statement. Or, like, something. I understand your sentiment entirely…

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