Radio Show // January’s Top Five Bands!

Such was the hustle and bustle in ANBAD towers at the turn of the year – with the relaunch of the website causing both sleep and hair loss – that the fine array of ace new bands almost got forgotten. Well, almost – they nearly became overlooked but the day’s fiftieth cup of coffee brought them back into sharp, lovely focus.

So here’s January’s Top Five New Bands in handy radio-show format, complete with song clips and gushing praise in between. Revel in its wonky, shambling glory:

ANBAD RADIO SHOW // January’s Top Five New Bands

And, if that whetted your appetite, here’s more info on these award-winning bands:


Sissy and The Blisters

Hyacinth Girl

Organ Morgan

Joensuu 1685

Congratulations to them, one and all. More great bands, naturally, next month.

4 thoughts on “Radio Show // January’s Top Five Bands!

  1. Reminds me of my old podcasts but yours is better. Your dashing voice helps, although I’m terribly disappointed you’re not a Northerner. Anyways, good stuff Joe, particularly with Organ Morgan.

  2. I shook my Stoke-On-Trent accent off a few years ago. I’m still not sure if this is a good or a bad thing…

    But all the same, I will de-polish my non-gruff northern tones for you next month, Saam!

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