Welcome To The All-New* ANBAD!

My God! It’s full of stars!” – Opening line from the movie 2010

Poor old Dave Bowman. 2010 isn’t full of stars at all, just the same old crud from the Noughties, but with slightly cooler-looking dates, and less ready money.

But wait! Here’s the All-New* A New Band A Day to make a tangible difference to the world as we know it.

The clunky old ANBAD has finally been confined to the Great Internet Dustbin Of Pity and behold: the new ANBAD is here, and it finally looks a little bit like a real website, at last.

But wait! There’s more – marvel at the menu bar in the middle of the site and notice that there is now a bit more than just a great new band every day. There’ll be new interviews with the best new bands, so you can hear from the bands themselves; new features on new music from new writers, so yu can hear the thoughts of bright young writers; new insight from local scenes all over the world, so you can hear what’s happening on the other side of the world; and – finally – new radio shows highlighting great new music. And yes, we are getting paid each time the word ‘new’ is written in bold.

As of today, there’s an article featuring a bizarre Melbourne dance phenomenon, another article about why we’re wrong and Tim Westwood is right, interviews with Forest Fire and Nic Dawson Kelly, and a radio-show round-up of December’s Top Five New Bands. Click the tabs for more.

So, mooch around and see what you think. You can subscribe to ANBAD here. And if you have any feedback, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy the new ANBAD! (Or should that be NANBAD?)

Joe Sparrow//Manchester//Jan ’10

*almost totally the same as before

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