Organ Morgan, False Memories and Summer All Year Long

The combination of getting older and being in possession of a mind that is hard-wired to remember even the most minor musical trivia forever has it’s flaws, I can tell you.

An example of the mysteries of the human mind: when an email about Organ Morgan* popped into my inbox, the band that pinged into my head was 1999 very-minor-sensation M. Organ, who (briefly) wrote Money Mark-esque ditties on his Hammond Organ, and then disappeared without trace.

When you can’t find someone on Google, you know that either a) times are hard for that artist, or b) your subconscious has made the memory up to make life that bit more complex. Both situations have their own worrying conclusions, and thus Organ Morgan*‘s E-Z Serv, soft-scoop, grab-bag pop is all the more welcome a distraction.

Organ Morgan – Broken Heart

If Broken Heart is a remix of the Spiritualized song of the same name, then he’s done a fine job of removing all of that version’s heroin-misery and replacing it with dreamy, orange-hued pleasure.

In a time when everyone with a laptop and a pirated copy of Fruity Loops is a producer, here’s a man who really knows what he’s doing, sculpting outrageously lovely songs with the finesse of someone who’s spent their whole life immersed in great songs.

Morgan Organ*‘s dreamy, skittering, summertime songs will inevitably draw comparisons with The Avalanches, but how can that be a bad thing? And apparently, he’s made a 26-track, alphabetically-themed album. This man might be my hero. A warm, golden delight. Expect big things.

*NB: Organ Morgan is now know as Channel Swimmer:

4 thoughts on “Organ Morgan, False Memories and Summer All Year Long

  1. Simon – thank you! This has been bugging me for a couple of days now. I’m glad he’s still around, tinkling the ivories (or whatever the KORG equivalent is – stabbing the injection-mouldings?)

  2. thanks for including the myspace links…that helps when the linked mp3 cant be found…which seems fairly often :(

  3. Thanks Dan – not sure where it vanished to, but it ought to be working again now.

    Which other ones aren’t working for you? Any post before November ’09 won’t have playable mp3s as it was pre-new-ANBAD…

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