I’m Not A Band – Except, Of Course They Are (Not)

Hey! Just when did being a band stop being so good? Just last month, we met EP Island – the non-band band, and now here’s I’m Not A Band –  a band (which, of course, they aren’t) that isn’t a band (because they’re not one). Just trying to figure out what they actually are is a philosophical nightmare.

This is all a bit of a post-post-modern shock to me. I always thought being in a band was the best way to pass the time. From the sound of it, it still is: I’m Not A Band revel in their togetherness – cute unhinged vocals splicing with monsterous electronic sounds.

One band (sorry – “non-band”) member, Stephan J, considers himself a classical musician, indeed – and it shows – not in pretentiousness, but in construction. There’s a delicacy of thought in Crazy, a song that transcends it’s unintentionally fun euro-english intro and bursts into life as a throbbing floor-filler – awash with hi-hats and bullish synths.

I’m Not A Band – Crazy

I’m going to chance my arm: I’m Not A Band are a band after all. They’re also an experiment to see if anyone will believe their fibs. We won’t. No number of crafty, skewed electronic pop songs will disguise the fact… right?

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