>Mike Yes Yes Ersing, and Lunacy – The Spice Of Life!

Everyone has a song that, when heard, will whip them up and away to a moment in their past. Mine is the title track of Spiritualized‘s Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, and only the opening space-shuttle bleeps are needed for an involuntarily reliving of heady art college days – the tacky plastic smell of cheap acrylic paint, the groping of strange art concepts and stranger art students.

Now Ladies And Gentlemen… has just been re-released, with the obligatory extra discs of new material, in an exciting black variation of the original’s pill-popping packaging. For once, the extra odds and ends aren’t superfluous, but, through long blasts of a capella gospel choirs and ambient guitar wobbles, fully explain the creative journey of the album.

Similar explanatory evidence might de-tangle the tortured complications of Mike Yes Yes Ersing‘s work. Whether the songs would dreamily evoke days gone by, or simply leave a ribbon of burnt-out synapses is another matter. For Mike Yes Yes Ersing has created a body of work that is nuanced as it is crazed, as utterly creative as it is head-spinning.

His songs are short, razor-sharp and playful in the way that a toddler who’s just found a nailgun is. Some songs, like A Priori Insistence Teething are dreamy, beautiful and ethereal – as angelic as anything you’ll hear all year. Others, like Mood Dependant Retrieval, are close to having been plugged straight into the mind of a schizophrenic.

Mike Yes Yes Ersing – A Priori Insistence Teething

Mike Yes Yes Ersing‘s songs scream to be heard. Menace, lunacy, happiness, desire – it’s all in his waif-like song-slivers. Each delivers a surprise, varying manically from the last. A true, thrilling original.

3 thoughts on “>Mike Yes Yes Ersing, and Lunacy – The Spice Of Life!

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  2. It’s hard to believe that he is human.. to know whether or not this music comes from someone who needs desperately to be hugged… or to be thoroughly sedated.. ‘that being said’ I have purchased 3 of his albums, which I am Telling myself I did for the sake of dignified, sterilized research (with a glass of goat’s blood). As well as to show off a bit my exquisite taste in the avant garde at certain yawn-gatherings with my mother-in-law & her fresh nubian (who couldn’t get enough of ‘water walk’ when it appeared in the god-awful fifties), during the languid Evening hours in our little garden of good & evil.

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