>October’s Top Five New Bands!

Ah, October, the month that plays merry sartorial havoc with outergarment selection. On the first day of the year that pulling on the goose-down lined half-coat/half-duvet for the first time seems like the correct, mother-pleasing thing to do, warmth and sun inevitably follow.

Likewise, after donning a flimsy cagoule the next day, the wind and rain lash cruelly. October, you cannot compensate for such mischievousness with mere orange leaves, you know.

Luckily for us, October’s new bands actually tried to cheer us up – a typically motley crew of the good, the weird and the grouchy (see # 1 for more).

So, in no particular order:

Nutrition On Tape – ANBAD said: “Nutrition On Tape‘s music is a jabbering, eddying salute to the last 30 years’ pop music. Songs waft in through the window and tickle your ears: tomorrow today. Clever, bright and alive.”

Ace Bushy Striptease – ANBAD said: “Ace Bushy Striptease are a band brimming with youth, fun coming out of their eyeballs and an ear for a great tune. Expect great things”

Swing Youth – ANBAD said: “Simple things done simply. Swing Youth are a lovable bunch, with a selection of songs that demand dancing. They’re happy and alive, and happy to be alive. Nice hair, too.”

We Aeronauts – ANBAD said: “We Aeronauts are charmers: intelligent, educated and talented. If you met them in a bar, you’d ask them out on a date.”

And October’s Best New Band Is…

Egyptian Hip HopANBAD said: “The drummer wore a swine-flu face mask. The band swapped instruments for each song. No smiles were cracked at any point. They were so androgynous, they may have been bred in giant petri dishes.”

Listen, we thought we’d hate them too, especially after everything we were told about them. But they’re great – a band whose crafty creativity is equalled by the sheer bulk of hair balancing on their heads.

So congratulations Egyptian Hip Hop! Not that they’ll be pleased – even if the slenderest of smiles form on their faces, they won’t be seen though the fringes. The grumpy so-and-so’s.

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